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Register on EatNext seller app. Getting your food business listed on EatNext is one step closer to customer.

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Build Menu / Catalogue

Add products, price of products you want to sell, photos, and necessary details under various categories.

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Tell your friends and customers about the whole new convenient way to place an order using EatNext app.

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Take Orders

Receive the order. Inform various stages of order processing using the seller app. Keep your customers informed.

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Receive payment directly from the customers over payment methods of your choice. Enable advance payments to reduce cancellation risk.

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You can tell customers to pick up or you can do home delivery. Mark order as completed once handed over to the customers.



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Suitable for home chefs

100 order points

Process upto 20 orders

Validity 3 months


Starter +

Suitable for home chefs and small business

400 order points

Process upto 80 orders

Validity 3 months


Pro +

Suitable for home chefs and small business

750 order points

Process upto 150 orders

Validity 3 months



Suitable for small businesses

2000 order points

Process upto 400 orders

Validity 3 months



Mobile Apps

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For Selling

Seller App Seller App

For Buying

Seller AppCustomer App



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How can i join EatNext?

We are thankful to you for considering our food distribution platform. We kept our process very simple. Please visit Seller app.
You have only a few details to fill in. This is important for your customer while making the purchase.
Our team will be quickly verify your details and approve your registration as fast as we could. Once we approve, you are ready to go. Add products, sell products, build happy customer base

How many products can I add?

We do not have any limitations on the number of products you can add.

How can I add products?

You can make use of our Seller mobile app for adding the products. It is very simple. Populate a few fields, add the image. That’s it.

What shall I include in the product description?

Based on our study conducted among the customers, adding information such as
– Ingredients (including colours used, if any)
– Added colours
– Health & Hygiene (considering Covid 19, Allergy, other lifestyle diseases such as diabetic)
– Actual images of the product / Representative picture of the dish
– Spice level – Kids friendly / Mild / Spicy / Hot / Very Hot

Can you ship our products anywhere?

We are not yet there. We are working on it.

How will my customers pay me?

Your customers will pay you directly. You can decide what those payment options has to be.

Is FSSAI license mandatory?

As per the Govt rules, it is important every seller must have a FSSAI license. Do not worry, it is one of the easiest thing to get and doesn’t cost much. We will share you the information on how to get it.

What about shipment policies , cancellation policy, refund policy?

We are different from other food aggregators or operators.You are the seller and you will have the complete freedom to decide these policies. We recommend these policies to be customer friendly and as per the laws.

How can i know about my orders?

You will get a notification whenever you receive an order. You can view these orders, update the order status, add private notes.

Can my customers share reviews ?

We understand that reviews are very much important. Yes, your customers can rate your products.

Is there a way for customers to choose a delivery date and time?

Yes, it is possible. At the time of check-out, the customer can mention the delivery date and time.

How can I promote my store ?

Yes, we certainly can help you on this. Please contact us at +91-9481776633 / [email protected] for more information.

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